About Kevin Quinn

  • Most used emoji: 😬
  • Top restaurant: Pars Cove, in Chicago
  • Social Security #: HA! Nice try, fiends.

Software engineer by day at Large Corp πŸ›, and all sorts of stuff by night - notary, reluctant runner, ordained, …. since I can’t sit still. I’ve attempted to build a number of different SaaS products before realizing creating content is just as, if not more, fun than writing code you have to maintain πŸ€“. I’ve worn a lot of hats, from founder, developer, writer, podcaster, open source contributor, and more. Investigating a growing interest in writing, Developer & User Experience, No-code, entrepreneurship, and cyber security.

If you’d like to reach out for whatever reason, easiest place to reach me is through Twitter or LinkedIn .

😊 Personality

If you are curious what it’s like to work with me, I have been described as:

Unfortunately no one has used “impossibly handsome” or “The Rock” as their descriptors, but someday….

How I got into writing code πŸ”—︎

Ended up studying Computer Engineering in my first year of university, but the classes I started with didn’t catch my attention, and I assumed it wasn’t for me. Amidst cramming for exams, I attempted to write a small Python script to spam a certain well-known music video in new browser tabs on my friends computer. I had no idea how to distribute my mildly-malicious program (thereby only spamming myself), but the seed was planted 🌱. What my courses were missing that this ~10 line script had was the capability – unlike my classes building Java apps in the IDE CLI I didn’t understand, here I was actually controlling the computer! Thus, the spark grew into into my modern-day self of Jira tickets and LGTM .

What I do πŸ”—︎

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Product-minded Backend Software Engineer/ Developer Generalist

  • If you’re looking for a code monkey to optimize clicks, we’ll both be disappointed πŸ™ˆ.
  • Know enough to be dangerous across the stack, from infra with Ansible to APIs in Python to SPAs like React, but most effective working with non-GUI projects β€” CLIs, APIs, backend systems. Frontend just ain’t my jam long-term.
    • Slack bots are the most fun to work with, because you can do “front-end” UX work without having to deal with CSS - their Block Kit framework just takes JSON and then renders things all pretty for you.
  • I focus on building products with value, rather than being obsessed with any particular language or tool. Sometimes the best language to use is the Delete button.
  • Obsessed with documentation and automation - my memory sucks, so if it’s not written down somewhere easy to find, it doesn’t exist. Every team I’ve ever been on I’ve been a champion for documenting processes in our repos and writing scripts for any annoying tasks.
  • Exploring an interest in developer experience & UX

πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§ Coworker πŸ”—︎

  • Emoji lover β€” been described as having β€œstrong emoji game”.
  • Strength in empathy, encouragement, and building a positive team atmosphere. Unfortunately, that pairs with having trouble making tough decisions about people β€” don’t put me in charge of firing anyone, they’ll end up with a bonus instead.

πŸ“ Writer πŸ”—︎

Attempting to wrangle the mess of ideas in my head with words. Moderately succeeding. Lofty goal of 1 million words published on big wide web.

🚯 Hoarding Minimalist πŸ”—︎

Embraced minimalism, but I struggle to throw things away that are β€œperfectly good” (spoiler: to most people they are already trash).

πŸ₯£ Serial Creator πŸ”—︎

Keep trying to build things after listening to too many episodes of Indie Hackers. You’ll find the full list on my Projects page, but one of my more potent learning experiences around startups/product-building I cover in-depth in Reflecting on my Failure to Build a One Dollar Company.

🀹 Professional Dabbler πŸ”—︎

I aim to be curious and open to new experiences, which leads me down a variety of rabbit holes .

  • Podcast host - Facade Project
  • Writer
  • Notary
  • Ordained in 3 online churches - u got a wedding coming up?πŸ‘€
  • Open-source contributor
  • Reluctant long-distance runner
  • Building a second brain in Obsidian.md, cuz the first one is slacking.
  • YouTuber - timer videos
  • Juggling
  • Indie hacking/bootstrappers
  • Popcorn cartel

My reading recommendations πŸ”—︎

I occasionally will update my favorite writers . You can find some of the pieces I’ve found most impactful there.

Inspiration for writing an in-depth About -> The Importance of Having an About Page | Kevin Quirk