Hackathon Schmackathon

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Hackathons!!!! 🔗︎

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They’re here again! They came back for us!

I went to my first hackathon in the spring of this year, the Madison Madhacks, and it was such a blast. Having the chance to spend hours upon hours with no obligations beyond working on fun projects is such a fantastic experience. For 24/36 hours you’re dug in, and those bills or grades or friend problems don’t mean anything at all. It’s just you, a keyboard, and an idea.

Several friends and I made plans over the summer to apply to as many we could reasonably get to, in hopes of having a crazy-filled hackathon season. We’ve already been accepted to MHacks in Michigan, and hope to get many more welcome emails.

All three of us are more interested in software development, but it would be a great experience to attempt a hardware hack at at least one of them.

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