The Ideal Life Gap

UPDATED ON FEB 19, 2024 : 224 words, 2 minute read — PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT

There are two versions of your life: the one you are living in & the one you dream about.

The perfect life, where all your decisions are the best and you accomplish all the goals you set out to achieve, is sadly impossible to get to. I know, perfection isn’t real, it’s a shocker. That outlandish case would be a complete intersection of your two lives with no gap.

Hopefully most people have some overlap between the life they are living & the one they dream about. They make some progress towards their future goals, but still have areas where they let others set their path. This is the Ideal Life Gap.

The Danger Zone happens when your two lives are completely disjointed with no overlap. This is a very scary place to be, this is where people die with too many regrets of the things they wish they had done.

These circles need not be evaluated solely as your entire life. How close is your current life to what you imagine for your family/friends/relationships? How close is your current life to what you want out of your career? Narrowing the scope can make it easier to understand what areas of your life may be unfulfilling.

Your turn. If you had to draw your own circles, would you be happy with what you saw?

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