Why Do We Hide Failures But Celebrate Degrees

UPDATED ON APR 27, 2023 : 190 words, 1 minute read β€” CAREER

There is a double standard in how we treat learning experiences. Degrees and educational achievements are celebrated, yet failure, one of life’s greatest teachers, is covered up and ignored. You learn so much more from making mistakes, yet only the paper is flaunted. It’s held up as part of the facade we build in front of ourselves to look as good as possible. Our facade manifests on resumes, social media, everywhere. We hide our failures and polish mediocre success to look like titanic achievements. Anything that could make us look imperfect gets filtered.

Why do we not advertise the most important lessons we’ve learned? It’s scary and not the norm, but would we be better off for it? There can be unexpected benefits to celebrating failure .

Instead of shining spotlights on our mediocre successes, let’s change our focus and aim to make huge failures. Notable failures show you’ve tried to do worthwhile things with the limited time you have. Do you approach life like Teddy’s Man in the Arena and dare to try, or like the faceless “cold and timid souls” who never attempt to reach beyond their comfort.

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