Personal Theme: Completion 26

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Inspired by Trevor Mckendrick’s yearly themes idea, I wanted to create my own, seems like a valid experiment to hopefully have a fantastic year. Instead of going based off the calendar year like he does, I plan to go off birthdays, since I just turned over a new year and want to get started right away. No waiting for January 1st! So what will be my theme, what is my goal for 26?

Completion 26 πŸ”—︎

I wanted my theme to be Action 26, since I tend to be a person that spend a lot of time reading and researching but rarely taking real action. Felt like I needed to grab a shitty rod and just start fishing . I realized quite quickly that’s not what I need, at least not on it’s own. It needs to be about finishing what I start, actually completing all the half-done projects I’ve started and left for months, if not years. I’m a chronic idea starter, but after the initial excitement wears off….they linger. My theme for the next year is Completion 26.

“If you are productive without harboring this intense desire for completion, you will end up just being busy. We all know the feeling. You work all day off of your to-do list. Everything is organized. Everything is scheduled. Yet, still, months pass with no important projects getting accomplished.”

Action is still a critical piece, I’m not gonna finish ideas and deliver results without diving in. I want to be dangerously action-oriented, assume action over research any day. Usually I end up waiting for permission to do things, whether that’s through a person, or the permission from myself to know enough about something to get started. That often manifests itself as spending way too many hours researching the best way to start instead of actually taking the first step. I’d like to expand this with more quotes and stories like Trevor’s theme does, to use it as a reminder whenever I need a refresher on what I want out of the year, but for now this will have to do. Put this imperfect article out into the world, and fix it later if it matters. A helpful resource from Sam Julien, How to Finish What You Start .

β€œMost people overestimate what they can do in a day, but underestimate what they can do in a year.” - Steph Smith

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