📔 Great Reads

A collection of the best newsletters & articles I’ve encountered, so I can 1) easily remember them, and 2) easily share them.

Newsletters 🔗︎

I subscribe to dozens, if not hundreds, of newsletters that pour into my inbox. This is a short list of the ones that have consistently caught & held my attention out of the sea of content:

  • Experimental History
    • Makes me think outside my technology/developer bubble.
    • Does an amazing job writing titles & headings that hook you in with confusion and a need to find out what it means, like “On the importance of staring directly into the sun” - and then you find it out it actually makes sense.
  • The Next, Justin Mares
    • Health & wellness, as well as company building.
  • The Long Game by Mehdi Yacoubi
    • Health & wellness information, intermingled with startup content.
  • Hard Startups
    • Find out about interesting companies building things in the real world.
  • Astral Codex Ten
    • Makes me think outside my technology/developer bubble.
  • The Profile
    • Learn about interesting people!

Great articles 🔗︎

I’ll slowly flesh this out with some of my favorite reads across the interwebz, and why? they each made the list.

  • Choose Boring Technology
    • why?: The more experience I gain as an engineer, the more appreciation I have for simple, proven technologies & approaches (e.g. Monolith unless there’s a clear benefit for serverless/microservices, etc.).