I usually have too many projects going at once, this will be a small subset of ones that are in a state I don’t hate to show off.

  • Facade Project Podcast A podcast with a couple friends to explore new things.
  • Free on Your Birthday I missed out on getting free food on my birthday, so I started collecting all the ones I could find into an Airtable database. A No-code project.
  • Writing - I started writing on this blog and Medium. Whether or not anyone reads it, it has been incredibly helpful to process thoughts instead of letting them endlessly bounce within my skull.
  • Happybara Slack apps with all the functionality you expect from the web.
  • Thymea Ballerina lang module to humanize working with the stdlib time module.
  • Equation Finder a tool to help you understand what equations you have available base on given quantities. For solving problems in Physics, Math, Chemistry, and more.
  • Yugioh card scanner & price checker, both a CLI tool and a website
  • Deals on Tap collecting bar specials on the UW-Madison campus for my friends to use.