Stop Looking for Shortcuts & Just Do the Work

UPDATED ON APR 27, 2023 : 131 words, 1 minute read β€” PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT

As someone who easily gets caught up in research & over-analyzing how to do new things, I need to hear this every other day.

“Stop looking for shortcuts and just do the work” - @Pomp

And then a quote from a Derek Sivers interview to drive the idea home even more.

if information was the answer then we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs. So really you, yeah you listening to this, you need to shut that shit off, put your blinders on, get out the door and start running. [src]

There’s only so much time you can spend looking for shortcuts or trying to learn more before you need to buckle down and get your hands dirty. β€œGrab a shitty rod and start fishing” . What are you waiting for?

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